Jonas Dahlberg (b. 1970) is an artist based in Stockholm. His studio consists of a small team of architects and researchers working at the intersection between art and architecture, the personal and the political.


Current engagements of the studio include the commission for 22 July Memorial Sites in Norway, an integrated public artwork for the new Bristol Arena in the U.K., as well as an independent research project investigating a new vocabulary for public spaces.


Dahlberg was trained at the Malmö Art Academy with a background in architecture at Lund University. His work as an artist includes architecture, photography, sculpture, art in public space, artist books, set design, and he is known for an ongoing series of video works that utilize experimental methods drawn from cinematic language.
The films, which explore duration and sequence and their connectedness to the politics of space, are the basis of
the studio’s research and analysis of sites, movements,
and time.



Jonas Dahlberg Studio

Gävlegatan 3

SE - 113 30 Stockholm



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Björn Ehrlemark

Architect and editor


Johanna Fager

Architect SAR/MSA


Carin Kallenberg

Curator and researcher

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