22 July National Memorial Site, Utøya, Norway. Commission.

Winning competition entry 2014


22 July National Memorial Sites, Government Quarter, Oslo, Norway. Commission.

Winning competition entry 2014, developed proposal 2017


Music Box. Video Installation.

Completed 2015


An Imagined City. Permanent Sound Installation. Direct Commission.

Completed 2015


Hall of Mirrors. Exhibition at Göteborgs Konsthall, Gothenburg.

Completed 2012


The Path of the Sun, Finland. Commission.

Winning competition entry, to be completed 2017


Birds. Photo series.

Ongoing project


Verdi's Macbeth. Scenography.

Geneva 2012, Barcelona 2016


The Mirror, Stockholm. Direct  Commission.

Completed 2015


Silver Screen,
UN Building, New York City.

Invited competition entry 2011


View Through a Park. Video installation.

Completed 2009


Three Rooms. Video installation.

Completed 2008


Invisible Cities. Video Installation, Book, Research Project, Photo Series.
Commissioned by the Swedish Arts Grant Committee & Moderna Museet.

Completed 2004