The Mirror

This public artwork is a large rotating sculpture, consisting of a freestanding 16,5 meter wide by 9,5-meter tall mirror-wall on a circular platform. As it rotates, The Mirror reflects its surroundings, constantly representing the immediate time, or the present now. The structure rotates slowly, completing a full 360 degree turn in approximately fifteen minutes.


When daylight fades, embedded LED lights on both sides of the mirror-wall light up the surface and the mirror-wall becomes a rotating film screen. On it, a recorded black and white view of the surroundings is shown as a loop, in sync with the rotating platform, creating an overlayed mirror-image inside the reflection. Since the film was recorded in the exact position where the sculpture sits and uses the same movement and pace, the moving image becomes a reflection of the time of its own making. In the daytime the work mirrors a continuos now. In the evening, a constant past.


The Mirror is located in an open, pubilc space in front of a newly erected football arena





Publik Art. Commission.



Arenatorget, Stockholm Sweden



16,5 m x 9,5 m rotating mirror-wall with embdedded LED lights



In Jonas Dahlberg Studio: Johanna Fager (Architect), Cecilia Silvasti (Architect)



Stockholm Konst in collaboration with Stockholm Globe Arena Fastigheter