Three Rooms

The three-part video installation Three Rooms shows three archetypical domestic environments, that during the course of each film, dissolve leaving only a series of voided spaces.

The environments were constructed in paraffin to make the detailed models of each room. When placed into a heated solvent solution, the paraffin melts like ice in warm water, changing the environments from a solid to a liquid form. Objects which are thin disappear gradually.


Other, thicker objects whose mass is unevenly distributed, involve a process of falling over and breaking before they, too, disappear. The furniture is reduced almost infinitely slow,

until nothing but an empty room remains.












Video Installation




Three channel installation. HD video. Black and white. Silent. Duration 26:58 min loop. Dimensions 46 inch LCD monitors.

Three Rooms: Location Study, Lambda print, framed 125 x 187 cm


Nils Fridén (Editing), Anders Hellström (Assistance)

Press play for a 2:12 minute excerpt of the video

Press play for a 2:29 minute excerpt of the video

Press play for a 2:10 minute excerpt of the video