View Through a Park

In View Through a Park the viewer follows a single camera movement from the interior of one apartment, through an idyllic city park, into the apartment opposite. Set at night, the dreamlike shot travels endlessly between these two buildings, transforming from a non-physical journey for the viewer through the park – to a furtive, intruding gaze within the private spaces.


The work was made by filming in a large constructed set design model of Gramercy Park – the only remaining private park on Manhattan in New York. Contrary to its appearance, and paradoxical in terms of the history of filmmaking, View Through a Park is in fact a film in color, depicting a setting that is black and white.












Video installation; Research project




Single channel installation. HD video. Color. Silent. Duration 16:58 min (continuous loop). Projection dimension ~ 4 x 2,25 meters.


Nils Fridén (Editing), Anders Hellström, Karin Becker (Professor, Linköping University), Göran Dahlberg (Writer, Editor)


Nyehaus, Galerie Nordenhake, Galería Juana de Aizpuru (Producers video)


Art Through the City, an Artistic Research project funded by the Swedish Research Council (Producer Research project)



Press play for a 1:51 minute excerpt of the video